ABlogAbout: Introductions

Welcome! Let’s just dive in briefly today, to kick things off. What is ABlogAbout? Today, this week, this month, it’s about learning, development, exploration, being kind to others. Next week maybe it’s ABlogAbout auto mechanics. After that, it may be ABlogAbout Eddie Izzard.

I am currently in icy cold Saratoga Springs, NY, visiting the Masie Center. Beautiful place, vibrant with lush vegitation and minds rich in ideas, passion, and insight. This is my little bubble of inspiration, my retreat from the sometimes restrictive corporate world. My job, my career, and ONE of my passions is around inspiring people to learn and develop, and then providing powerful options for learning and development once they are inspired.

This week has been an interesting experience. I purposely moved out of my own comfort zone (particularly by performing an absolutely horrible but heartfelt karaoke rendition of “Come Together” in front of my colleagues). I thought this would help me see how others might feel when I ask them to something similar using new forms of learning. We need to focus some serious efforts on change management as we try to introduce new learning modes and models.

Take aways – some far flung ideas – can you create virtual ecosystems using a Second Life model, within a corporation? That’s an area I’ll want to sandbox. And what is the best way to visually map info/learning/opportunity searches? I saw a site called Live Plasma – and I can’t help but wonder how can do something similar in my company. This image has me very very excited.

More to come. I just recorded a podcast with a colleague, will post it here as soon as it is available.


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