ABlogAbout: Terraforming

How interesting and scary it is to have a terraforming job. Let me explain. Most of the jobs where I work are really focused on discrete, project-based tasks. Deliverables are very clear, there is an end point or clear milestones along the way. But what happens when your job description reads: Change the way Company X learns? It is vague and clear all at the same time. Okay, so I want to impact the learning culture for a company of 90k people. Riiiiiight……

On the other hand, it’s very clear. Find new ways to approach learning, find ways to connect with deliverables and discrete projects that lead you down that path. Become an insidious element in everything. Talk to the employee communications people, talk to the user experience design and HFE people. Talk to experts, make connections with people. Find key design projects that you can influence. And that does not even get into the technical side of things. Look for the ways you can create a new world. Terraforming.

One place I know I will be looking is at Ray Sims’ blog. I love his thoughtful approach to Personal Learning Environments, and how he synthesizes resources and current thinking out there – he takes the meat and potatoes and makes a great stew! (okay, this is an awful image for me to use, because I don’t eat meat OR stew, but you know what I mean!) I plan to point people at work to his blog and tell them to subscribe, because the information there is so good. I’m wrestling with how I’ll tell the story about our evolution, and his work is a great help. 


Drats – work calls, and I was just going to launch into an exploration of Personal Learning Environments at my company. My motto right now: Read Ray!


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