ABlogAbout: Leaves

I have a MySpace addiction. I’m…. well, I’m over “a certain age”, let’s just say that. And I have become a MySpace junkie. I think where it comes from is the social aspect of the beast (or monkey – as in Monkey on Your Back). Here, I write about something and no one knows it. If a blog falls in the forest, will anybody read it? With MySpace, I have a built in set of “Friends” that know me, visit my page, pass along notes etc. etc. So how do I get the same satisfaction here on my more corporate-focused blog? The reward is not as immediate or sweet here. Also, my MySpace page is dedicated mostly to my other passion – theatre.

But as the leaves turn in my back yard, I see a need to turn the leaves in my own head. I want to back away from MySpace for a while, and return here to my simple little blog that no one really reads. For the first time ever, I am thankful to spam. Spam drew my attention back to this site, and made me stop and think about why I don’t post here much. So Thank You stupid spammers that tried to attack my blog. You’ve been deleted, but you served a good purpose.

As a MySpace junkie, this is likely to be a hard transition. Do I need to pick one over the other? Aren’t they different tools for different purposes? Yes, absolutely. But for now, I need this forum – and perhaps I’ll find a way to get folks to come over and read my simple thoughts, and comment.  I really need the Social in Social Media. That’s my true addiction.

This is where the whole inter-connectedness of the [insert phrase] 2.0 gets messy for me. I want one spot where I can do everything. I want one profile that I can adapt and use over and over in different settings. I want a huge pool of friends and access to the extended network, in order to spread the word, send out invitations to participate, etc. Perhaps I’ll learn more about using WordPress to address many more of the features I want to use. But for now, I’m going to cobble as I learn. First up – I’ll add a link to my blog in LinkedIn. Once there is something interesting to read, anyway.  🙂


3 thoughts on “ABlogAbout: Leaves

  1. Hi Harold – honestly, I am still trying to figure Ning out. I’ve not had enough of a chance recently to get into it and find all the capabilities. Thanks for reminding me I should take a dive deeper! I’ll look at eduspaces as well – I *think* I signed up there also way back when and then never got back to it. Thanks for the guidance!


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