ABlogAbout: Horse

Two nights ago, I had what I think may be the only dream I’ve ever had about a horse. Or at least one where the horse had a starring role. I mean, I love horses. I’ve only been on a horse a handful of times in my life.  I never really do well, because I don’t feel that I have any control at all over the powerful horse. Apparently I’m not very good at exercising power, or rather ordering around animals (just ask my moose-dog). So the horse tends to go where it’s gonna go and I politely suggest that perhaps we could take a left rather than a right, or maybe NOT overtake all of the other horses on the trail.  You get the idea. 

So it was odd in the dream, when I was at one with this horse. Riding atop the horse bareback and perfectly comfortable. Of course we were riding in Coos Bay, down the streets I used to walk to school. There was not much to it, besides the incredible feeling of being nearly united with the horse in body and spirit.

Got to thinking about it and thought perhaps the Medicine Cards would give me some insight to Horse and its meaning. Here is what I’ve found:

In understanding the power of Horse, you may see how to strive for a balanced medicine shield. True power is wisdom found in remembering your total journey. Wisdom comes from remembering pathways you have walked in another person’s moccaasins. Compassion, caring, teaching, loving and sharing your gifts, talents, and abilities are the gateways to power.

Hmm….. looking at the Contrary Horse:

If your ego has gotten in the way, you may have failed to notice the lack of respect you have been receiving from others. You may, on the other hand, be struggling with others who are abusing their power. …. Remember the times in your own life when you have fallen out of grace with Great Spirit… In allowing all pathways to have equal validity, you will see the power and glory of the unified family of humanity…. Apply this knowledge and reclaim the power you have given away by forgetting to come from compassion. Untangle yourself from the present situation and understand that every human being must follow this pathway to power before galloping upon the winds of destiny.

Now the horse and I were riding right-side-up and not upside-down. So you might think we’d be more in line with the first one. Sharing my gifts and talents, blah blah. But no, what hits me here is the Contrary. Have I done this? Let my ego get in the way of things? Thinking that I am right and not seeing all pathways as equal?

Okay, two totally opposite ideas – either I have not been claiming my power, owning my talents and using them well, OR I’ve been an egotistical pig and pretending to have power when I have none at all. There is a lot to ponder there. I am certainly feeling a change coming. There is clearly a change at work – a very real, practical change. I did not get a job that I thought I wanted, and I am now in limbo waiting for my department to figure out what to do with me. Whatever it is will no doubt be different. So perhaps I need to “roll with it” and just believe that all paths are equal, and any path I am on could be the right path.


One thought on “ABlogAbout: Horse

  1. Hi, I just felt the need to write a quick note here to tell you that I really finding your website, I was searching yahoo Your site has a very neat layout.We are starting a horse farm, also getting our website up and going, so I really do not get the time to scan around the net much anymore, I am glad I ran across this site..  I wish you all the best and keep up the great info!!  Thanks again!!

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