ABlogAbout: Posts with no titles

I could sit here trying to think of some catchy title. In my head I’ve written this post at least 15 times. It usually starts out with a fabulous lead line, and progresses into a detailed, poignant account of the past two months.

Other times the entire post reads:  Alzheimer’s Sucks.

I am new to this whole Alzheimer’s thing. It is like coming to a party late. Everything I can say about Alzheimer’s has surely been said before. People for eon’s before me have dealt with this. I’ve also had plenty of experience caring for an elderly parent. My father was ill for quite a while, and for the last few years of his life I (along with my brother and my fantastically supportive husband) took care of him.

So yes, it’s all been said before. What’s that phrase – “There’s nothing new under the sun.” I don’t care about that. This is MY story of coming to terms with this horrible disease. Right now I don’t have a support group lined up yet. I need someplace to process my fear, my anger, my panic, my despair, my experience. I’m too impatient to write in my trusty old journal. And so my mythical ether-friend, here I am, ready to talk.

My mother has Alzheimer’s. My mother has Alzheimer’s. My mother has Alzheimer’s.



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