A Blog About: What’s here, and what’s missing

Just a quick note tonight. It seems like a person should stop and drop a thought or two about the passing of another year. I have often suffered a sort of birthday melancholia. I’m not one of those “It’s MY day” people. In fact I’m one of those “this probably isn’t the best time for it, but just by the way I was born today and all” people.
Today was better. I don’t feel particularly tense about getting older anymore. I welcome this sort of ripening feeling I have inside, as if I’m hitting my stride. I figure all things considered, I’m doing well for a 45 year old woman. Perhaps not being in the acting game helps keep that whole ego thing in check.
More importantly, as I age, I place much less emphasis on whether anyone will notice (or care) that it’s my birthday. I am grateful for any well wishes I receive, and feel honored that people take time out of their day to stop and say hello, call and sing Hippo Birdy Two Ewes, or put post after post after post on my Facebook wall. What a wonderful thing it is that we can connect in this way!

My life is filled with blessings. Put on some spiritual/metaphysical/higher level scale, it weighs heavily on the positive side.  Dear, dear friends, good health, safety, security, an incredible husband, stepkids, animals I adore. It is a lengthy list, filled with abundance I never dreamed of.

I’m tired, and I’m still recovering from a root canal and not at all thinking or writing eloquently. So I will keep it short.

All blessings aside, I still feel broken hearted that as of this year, my mother no longer remembers it’s my birthday.


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