ABlogAbout: David Bowie

Lately I have been listening to a lot of David Bowie. Last time I was this “into” a particular artist, I lasted almost a year listening to that one specific artist. Luckily, they have an extensive catalog and so many layers to each song that I really could listen for weeks without hearing the same thing twice. Now, I am on week four of Bowie. I actually have another super secret blog for my thoughts about music, so I won’t say too much here. In fact, I may not say anything else about the whys and wherefores of Bowie. Maybe that will be obvious.

I have wrestled with the whole “what the f*** do I have to say?” aspect of blogging. I believe strongly in the act of blogging, for a purpose such as information sharing on a work related topic. Maybe I will start to do that again too. Generally though, I am pretty sure people don’t give a rat’s crap about the inner workings of my brain.

But the reason I think I will start this blog again is because honestly, I can barely hold a pencil anymore. I have journaled for my entire life. But now thanks to the wonders of technology, my arm/hand are so bad that after about two pages, it is difficult to hold a pencil. My regular computer offers much the same experience. But my trusty iPad, thus far, doesn’t have that effect. So for my own sanity, I blog. So, diving right in……

What I am bad at is change. For all of my passion to be creative, to lead change and encourage innovative thinking, when it comes down to pondering my own changes I get indecisive. I don’t know if it is laziness, fear, or some bleeding optimism that change is good. I bleed rainbows of hope.

I laugh at that thought for many reasons. First it is totally corny. Also, kind of bullshit.

Am I on a path toward reinvention? Or am I still wearing the glitter, waiting for someone to tell me that glam’s been dead for a long time, and I need to move on?

Bowie never waited. He drove his own transformation and just made everyone follow along behind him, changing their whole perspective about him, music, fashion, art, and on and on and on.

But then, Bowie is a genius. It isn’t really fair to judge oneself on the brilliant machinations of one of the greatest artists of all time.

Listen to: Bring Me the Disco King

May or may not have anything to do with is topic, but it is a damned fine piece of music.


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