ABlogAbout: Sabbatical, Good Things

Ah, the unfettered JOY of sabbatical! Two months off work, doing as I please day in and day out. Paid. Jeez, I mean you can’t beat that, right?

So far, I’m not that good at sabbatical. Too much time on my hands with little structure. As we saw in the last entry, this can either be a good thing or a bad thing. At this point in Acupuncture, either I lay there and think through the future, or I fall asleep and snore. More often these days, I fall asleep. Progress! This has not translated to a fully calm spirit however. I really do think that as I get less stressed out I get more energetic. It’s like a free-floating anxiety, but it doesn’t feel destructive. Not sure I know how to operate in a time when I am not stressed out, you know? I guess this is what “energy to get on with life” feels like. 🙂  But I can feel the free-floating anxiety turning into something… it’s not fully formed, but it’s getting there.

So here I am, unchained from my desk….. sitting at my desk at home, writing in my quiet little blog. I’d like to force myself to write a little each day.

I have a “good things” jar at my desk, where I write one good thing a day on a small piece of paper and drop it in this receptacle.

Two things: One, it forces me to think of something good each day. On days when I’ve been low or stressed, it may be as simple as “I have a great dog” or “My husband puts up with my bad mood.” Still, it’s a positive thought. Two, at the end of the year, I have a passel of positivity to sort through for New Year’s Eve. This small act has actually been transformative at some level.

A few of the Good Things I’ve noted so far (from memory – no peeking, afterall!)

  • Hawaii sunset/anniversary dinner with my amazing husband
  • David Bowie lets it slip that he’s got a new record (quietest avalanche of amazingness in history of music)
  • Good friend and my career guru visits Portland
  • Dexter and Zeta go to the biggest dog park in the world, no shitting in the car (worth noting)
  • Up at sunrise, the morning sun in my office
  • Stumbled upon an unreleased demo of Brian Jonestown Massacre, circa 1990.

So you see, it really runs the gamut. Good things come in small and large packages, we just have to see them.

Today’s entry into the jar is very likely to read, “Wrote on my blog


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