ABlogAbout Dexter: Downy Soft

I think it was at this moment that I started to consider whether perhaps Dexter should have his own reality TV show. If I hadn’t been ill at the thought of contributing to that genre, and more so having cameras in my home 24/7, I really would have considered it. Perhaps Animal Planet needed a show about an oversized, Momma’s Boy Great Dane Lab trying to get by in a far-too-small house.

Probably best that didn’t happen, though I could have made some extra cash to pay for the vet bills. Alternately, it occurs to me that I could have started writing Dexter Adventure books – a la Nancy Drew or The Cat Who books. Dexter and the Missing Chocolates, Dexter and the Many Electronics… the possibilities were endless.

Our  tale begins with me turning the key in the door. It was far too quiet. That was always a huge red flag. You know that concept of a ‘deafening silence?’ Ya, it was like that. I opened the door crack and immediately knew that all hell had broken loose. In a million years, I would not have expected this:

Dexter and Zeta sit at attention, one proud of his work, the other trying desperately to convince me she had nothing to do with it.
Dexter and Zeta sit at attention, one proud of his work, the other trying desperately to convince me she had nothing to do with it.

Apparently, someone decided that they did not like the down pillow that was sitting on the couch. I don’t know who, but we always suspected Zeta of being the brains of any operation. So one dog or another (we’ll say Zeta) decided on a fun new version of tug-of-war. To heck with the rope toy, she said, this pillow will be just perfect! And so, the game commenced.

Eventually, not too long after the game started, I imagine the first rip sounded. What a fun noise! Let’s pull it apart some more! Maybe I can un-stuff it like I did with my toy bear! It turns out there are a LOT of feathers crammed into one pillow. Who knew?

The destruction was massive. It ran the length of our dining room and living room. There was simply no pillow left.

In fact, the destruction was so overwhelming that I found it impossible to be mad about this. It was just too ridiculous to comprehend. Eventually I figured, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!
If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

But before all of that, I took a video. The video is mostly with Zeta, because Dexter took himself outside immediately – probably to poop out some feathers (which he did for weeks, by the way).

Here is the video (you’ll have to forgive the quality, as with most of the media here, I didn’t know I’d be using it for anything other than showing Hubby what had happened):



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